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Fire Gym, sport centre in Brussels (www.firegym.be ), participated in 1995 for the first time at the Swedish Peace Race organised by the sport centre "ff Proletarian". At That time we promised them to organise also a Peace race in Belgium and we put up a organizing committee. And this year, the 26 October, took place the 6 Belgium Käthe Kollwitz Peace Race in the peace city, named Ieper. (www.run.to/vredesloop2002).

After the Peacerace of 25 december 2002 and 15-22 february 2003 we make today a strong appeal to participate at the Children Bagdad Peace Race 12-19 avril 2003. The whole crew of our sport centre Fire Gym will collaborate to realize this challenge. And of course, your welcome to. This Peace Race has to be a concrete act of solidarity with the Iraqi people. We are opposed at the increase of the war budget in Belgium and we like to see more money spend for education. Carlos Perez

No war in Iraq or elsewhere
More money for education and welfare for the kids