Issued Jointly by the Belgian Fire Gym Youth and NASYO   
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 Press Statement

A delegation representing the Belgian Fire Gym youth organization visited the NASYO Headquarters on 25-26 December, 2002. The delegation was welcomed by the members of NASYOs General Secretariat.

In the course of the visit, discussions were held on the current events taking place in several places of the world, in the light of American hegemony and domination over the fate of states and peoples. The two organizations believe the American policy portends further eruptions of catastrophic situations in the world, because the U.S. administration keeps escalating its hostile actions towards many states, while shutting its eyes to the Zionist crimes against the Palestinian people, who are defending their firm national rights.

Referring to Iraq, the two organizations :

- reiterate their solidarity with Iraq in confronting American threats, and their total, absolute rejection of such flagrant interference in the affairs of an independent, sovereign state, which also constitute a brazen breach of international treaties and conventions. The two organizations also condemn the continuing, inhumane 12-year old embargo, as well as the imposition of the No-fly zones in Northern and Southern Iraq, and call on the United Nations to lift the embargo, implement article 14 of resolution 678, and disarm the Zionist entity of its weapons of mass destruction.

- condemn the brutal American policies, which target the sovereignty and independence of peoples and states, threaten their wealth, and impede the building of their future. The two organizations views were identical in recognizing that the so-called New World Order, so blatantly promoted by America, and which it seeks to impose on the peoples of the world, amounts, in fact, to a new imperialistic order, whose objective is the imposition of further hegemony and exploitation of peoples wealth and their right to a decent, free life.

- have agreed to organize a joint activity, called The Peace March of Solidarity With Iraq to be staged in Baghdad soon in protest against the hostile American threats, and to mobilize more voices in rejection of the intended aggression.

- hail the role played by world youth in confronting Globalization, which represents one facet of American hegemony over peoples destinies, and called for stronger denunciation of such policy which only leads to more impoverishment of the developing nations and further pressure on the industrial states to coerce them into submission to Globalization and its patrons.

The General Secretariat                                     FIRE GYM

 Baghdad, 26 December, 2002.

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