Mail from NASYO-Irak  13-01-2003        En Franais            Invitation  - Technical information

Dear friend,
Warmest greetings.
We appreciate your efforts and solidarity with Iraq and we are happy to be aquatinted with you. We extend to you the invitation of our conference. We request you to extend it to all your friends in the world. Let's gather all the good people and peace activists to stand against brutal American British aggression who intends to kill children, women and elderly and to destroy mosques, churches, schools, colleges and hospitals with no respect to norms and morals.
The whole world today bear the responsibility to put an end to the American evil which we are going to fight in case we were attacked.
We are awaiting your participation for the sake of peace and to halt aggression and to kindle the candles and to call for the peace run.
Best regards.
Dr. Abdul Ghafoor                                
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